Explore Cleveland

Navigate your way around beautiful Cleveland with this travel guide. From exploring the shores of Lake Erie to exploring the hustle and bustle of a big city with a small town feel, these activites are all conveniently located in downtown Cleveland, near the Hilton Cleveland Downtown.





April in Cleveland, Ohio has temperatures ranging from upper 50s (F) to lows in the 40s (F). We recommend wearing layered clothing to accommodate the difference in temperature from the air-conditioned Congress venue, warm days and slightly cooler evenings. Use weather.com to track forecasted weather for Cleveland. 



The U.S. dollar is the official currency of the United States and is normally abbreviated as the dollar sign, $, or as USD or US$. It is divided into 100 cents. Current exchange rates can be found online at xe.com/ucc. To exchange foreign currency to USD, please ask the concierge for directions to the nearest bank. 
Sales Tax: The Cleveland, Ohio, general sales tax rate is 5.75%. Depending on the zipcode, the sales tax rate of Cleveland may vary from 5.8% to 8%. Find more information here



The official language of the Congress is English. 







Tipping in the United States is not mandatory; however, tipping is extremely common and anticipated by service providers. The suggestions below are customary and you may tip at your discretion: 
  • Restaurants with table service: 15% - 20% tip is customary in restaurants that provide table service. The tip should reflect the level of service you receive. Restaurants will often include the gratuity, or tip, in large parties of six or more. If the tip is included, the bill will include a "gratuity" charge in the breakdown. If a "gratuity" charge is included on your bill, you do not need to leave an additional tip.
  • Taxis are usually tipped 10% to 15% of the total fare
  • Tipping a Bellman is typically $1 USD per bag



United States operates 110 volts AC, 60 hertz electricity which is half of the 220 volts that many other countries have. Dual voltage appliances with plug type A are recommended. 


The Congress will be held in Cleveland which is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.