Symposia: Symposia sessions are intended to be formal presentations on the "state of the science" of a particular area. Typically, sessions will have two to four presenters, representing at least two different institutions. Each speaker should usually limit their presentation to 20 minutes, to allow adequate time for questions. The individual proposing the session may be the moderator or a speaker and is responsible for coordinating the session and serving as a contact person for the session.

Panel Discussion: The discussion sessions are intended to provide diverse perspectives of approaches, questions, methods and/or applications in integrative medicine and health as well as opportunities for discussions of topics related to challenges, controversies, or innovations in integrative medicine and health research, education, clinical work, and policy. A variety of formats is possible for these sessions, including panel discussions, and Oxford or other style debates. Organizers are encouraged to think creatively about ways to engage the audience and include diverse viewpoints. Typically, sessions have two to four presenters, representing at least two different institutions. These sessions have more emphasis on presenting differing points of view than symposia, and greater emphasis on interaction with the audience and more opportunity for audience participation.

Experiential Workshop: The workshop format should focus on skill building, in contrast to other main conference sessions. The application needs to clearly state the skills that will be targeted, and how they will be conveyed to participants. The format of these sessions is often "hands-on", where participants will learn and practice a new approach. Each workshop will be led by one presenter/group of presenters who will usually provide more limited formal presentation than in other formats, with greater opportunity for questions and/or practice of a particular skill. In contrast to pre-conference workshops, main session workshops need to be tightly focused and fit in a 75 minute or shorter time period.