Maryanna Klatt

Maryanna Klatt, Ph.D., is a Professor, in the College of Medicine at Ohio State University, Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Klatt's research focus has been to develop and evaluate feasible, cost-effective ways to reduce the risk of stress-related chronic illness, for employees of high stress work environments. Specifically her research has shown that nurses working in a surgical intensive care unit reduced their stress by 40% (shown in their salivary amylase), and that university/hospital faculty and staff significantly increased their resilience and work engagement after her 8 week, one hour/week intervention, Mindfulness in Motion. This program effectively combines community building, mindfulness meditation, yoga, relaxing music, and is delivered at the work site. Patient safety outcomes have been associated with these changes. Dr. Klatt's latest research shows a 26% reduction in burnout for healthcare professionals, with a significant increase in their resilience and work engagement. Her current research is investigating if video delivered Mindfulness in Motion yields the same results in burnout reduction and resilience increases as in-person delivery. Her goal is to reduce health care cost via preventative stress reduction work site programming. She has shown that mindful awareness interventions produce an average of 4300.00 annual cost savings for participants up 5 years post intervention. Dr Klatt has published several articles and book chapters, and has presented her work at numerous national and international scientific conferences. A joy of her professional life has been contributing to the creation of a more mindful healthcare professional workforce.