Jeffery Dusek

Jeffery Dusek, PhD, is the Director of Research, Connor Integrative Health Network (CIHN), University Hospitals (UH) and Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. At CIHN, Dusek will lead outcomes based research for UH's national leading inpatient expressive therapy program (12,000 visits in 2018) and outpatient acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy clinical services (over 20,000 visits in 2018).

Dr. Dusek has over 20 years of experience leading innovative integrative health and medicine research at leading research and healthcare institutions.

From 1998 to 2007, Dr. Dusek was the director of research for the Mind/Body Medical Institute at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and an Instructor in Medicine of the Harvard Medical School. He led a multi-year grant from the CDC from which seminal research studies were completed and numerous scientific articles published.

From 2007 to 2017, Dr. Dusek was the Director of Research at the Penny George Institute of Health and Healing, Allina Health based in Minneapolis MN. He was the Principal Investigator of a multi-year grant from the NIH which resulted in 13 manuscripts published in peer reviewed medical research journals that demonstrate positive outcomes for integrative therapies.

Dr. Dusek has also been a leader of the BraveNet Practice Based Research Network - a cohesive group of 15 leading integrative medicine clinics across the United States. One of BraveNet's most ambitious projects to-date is the 5,000+ longitudinal Patient Receiving Integrative Medicine Interventions Effectiveness Registry (PRIMIER) for which Dusek is the Principal Investigator.

Dr. Dusek's research has been published in eminent journals such as the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Circulation and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. His research been featured in such venues as the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, USA Today and National Public Radio.